PhotoMosaic made of 1000+ small pictures

Perfect idea for yearbook, anniversary gift and other events.

Photo Mosaic Maker

Commercial Photomosaic projects.

Create photomosaics with your photo collections.

Photo Mosaic Maker

Mosaic Artwork made from beer caps

Great joy for artist and hobbyist

Cap Mosaic Maker

Try our Online cap mosaic maker.

See how easy it can be.

Online Render

Create Huge size mosaic projects

You may need something larger than 3 x 3 square meters.

Mural Size

Photo Mosaic Maker can help you design custom photomosaic.

Photomosaic use your personal photos as the small tiles, photos are placed to calculated position to create a mosaic.
Photomosaics are suitable for most personal usage, art design and commercial projects.
You can use it for postcard, magazine, poster, and murals.
PhotoMosaicMaker is a mosaic design software, It is very easy to use. You can get a photo mosaic in 5 minutes.
It allows you to load 2000-10000(Pro version) photos to use.
The created mosaic can hold 10000-40000 small photo tiles,

There are only 5 steps to create your mosaic:
1 Select your main image that used to make the mosaic.
2 Choose a cell shape and pattern, set your mosaic size.
3 Load your own photo collection for the small cells.
4 Crop main image and preview the mosaic divisions.
5 Set render options and start the mosaic. Done. Print it or share it.

Key Features:
Custom photo mosaic.
Various cell shapes.
Various patterns, arrange your cells in a different way.
Advance render control, include Repeatation control, Cell range control, Gap color, Color Match etc.

Video Tutorial: How to make a Photo Mosaic / Cap Mosaic

Latest Release

Photo Mosaic Maker X9. Released May 2021.
Photo Mosaic Maker is designed for user who wants to create a better quality photomosaic.

Buy Photo Mosaic Maker Photo Mosaic Design Service.

Our Services:

Mosaic Design

Professional mosaic design using irregular patterns. Large mosaic with 10,000+ photo Cells.

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Software Development

Mosaic Design Software and Hardware, customize function by your requirement.

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Project Consultantion

We have 20+ years experience in mosaic field. We help you find a solution for any case you working with.


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EZMosaic Studio provide you a series of mosaic softwares. Photo Mosaic, Cap Mosaic, Tile Mosaic, Geometric Mosaic, Message Mosaic, Photo Maze, etc.

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