Size and Main Image

Example of Good Main Images.

Mosaic Size Usage Main Image Hint
 Mini Tag,
NameCard Design
 mainimage-minicard  For such extream small project:
Only few elements in the main image.
People Eyes,
single Flower, an Apple,
a simple logo.
 Small CD/DVD Cover
 mainimage-cdcover  Small Project can have more elements,
But still can not represent complicated images.
Keep it simple!
One single face.
 Medium Poster  mainimage-smallposter  Example:
Half Body Portrait.
Two faces.
 Large Large Poster  mainimage-largeposter  Example:
Half Body Portrait.Photo of friends
Can contain up to 3 faces.
If you insist using more face,
the max number will be 4.
 XLarge Mural and Decor  mainimage-xlarge  Example:
Group of people
Complicated LOGO

Here are example of Bad Main Images which does not work good.

Bad Main Images Comments
 mainimage-needcrop  This Main Image need to be cropped.
You can notice the main character only takes 1/3 of the whole image.
We will crop the left side (doors). then it will work for a large poster.
 mainimage-neverwork  This Main Image never works.
It contains too many characters.
If we mosaic it, the final size should be at least 20×10 feet.