Pixel Mosaic / Dot Mosaic

Pixel Mosaic / Dot Mosaic

Pixel Mosaic is a kind of digital art.
As we know, computer handle your photo as pixels, Printer handle your photo as dots.
So, our Pixel Mosaic enlarge the details, It looks like you are watching a photo under microscope.

Here is a typical pixels mosaic:


Click to get the full size printable version


Bubble style mosaic: in this mode, we have create some larger tiles first.
Then I can blow the larger tile into multiple small tiles, and smaller, mini, micro, tiny tiles.
So I can use larger tile in background and detailed tiles for the main char.

bubblemosaic  girl Mario



BTW. I am researching for a Real Monitor Pixels Mosaic. which will seperate the R G B channel to pixels.
Here comes the first demo.
This tells you how a monitor works. very good education for a kid. lol

Click for larger version1024x1024 px

Click for larger version
1024×1024 px


click for a 1024×1024 full size view.



Ahhhh. the followring FSM mosaic is printed pixels mosaic, and i hang it on my wall.