Mosaic Sticker

Mosaic Sticker

This is a typical sticker mosaic. it is made of tiny CRYSTAL tiles.

To make a mosaic, you need get a sticker mosaic kit package from us.
The package include:
Construction guide.
Sticker basement.
Crystal Tiles and container.


At the back side of the sticker, the work plan is printed.
If you remove the cover of sticker, the glue level is open.
So you can pick the tiles from container, and put it to right position.
Press it a little bit, It will be glued very good.




This is really a easy and fun work.
You can see how it looks at a close distance.



This is a finished mosaic project.


If you have any question or suggestions,  Please send an email to

If you want to buy a DIY package, you can contact us, we can design the work plan for your own pictures, and package all necessary tiles for you.
And you can order a assembled mosaic, with or without frame. It will saves you alot of time.