Mosaic Products

Printed Mosaics


Photo Mosaic

Photo mosaic use your personal photos as the small tiles, and they are placed to right positions to form up a mosaic. Our advance render tech make sure it is a real photo mosaic, not the color change mosaic.


Message Mosaic

We found that chars from letter or books could be good source of mosaic tiles. so it comes to a message mosaic. Maybe it could be a good try to make a text mosaic for your Magazine or News paper?


Pixel Mosaic

Pixel mosaic is very close to traditional stone mosaics, same looking. Since it is printed one, the tech allows us apply more color to the tiles. so it give us even better result


Pixel Mosaic


Pixel Mosaic


Pixel Mosaic


Assembled Mosaics


Mosaic Sticker

Mosaic Sticker is a fun package for DIYer. you can use our detailed workplan guid to make a very nice mosaic easily.


Bottle Cap Mosaic

Basically I dont recommond you to start such project. It means you need to DRINK lot of Beerrrrrrrr! But it looks really good and sure it will shock your friends.


Ceramic Tile Mosaic

Tile Mosaic is traditional mosaic artform. it can be used for wall design, indoor or outdoor decor, and many other place.


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We are good to finish a mosaic at right and fast way.
We want introduce mosaic art to everyone.

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