Photo Mosaic Maker X9

Released May 2019.

Photo Mosaic Maker is designed for user who wants to create a better quality photomosaic.

There are only 5 steps to create your mosaic:
1. Select your main image that used to make the mosaic.
2. Choose a cell shape and pattern, set your mosaic size.
3. Load your own photo collection for the small cells.
4. Crop main image and preview the mosaic divisions.
5. Set render options and start the mosaic. Done. Print it or share it.

Key Features:
Custom photo mosaic.
Various cell shapes.
Various patterns, arrange your cells in a different way.
Advance render control, include Repeatation control, Cell range control, Gap color, Color Match etc.


Buy Photo Mosaic Maker X9

Edition Key Feature Product Page Price $ USD Order now
Standard Edition Max 2000 pictures in photo lib.
Max 10000 cells in mosaic.
5 Shapes include Ellipse, Hexagon etc.
Normal and Cross Pattern
PMM X9 34.99$
Microsoft Store
Pro Edition Max 10000 pictures in photo lib.
Max 40000 cells in mosaic.
5 Shapes include Ellipse, Hexagon etc.
Normal, Cross, and Concentric Circles Pattern
PMM X9 PRO 195$
Microsoft Store


pmm screenshot 2


pmm screenshot 5


pmm screenshot 6