Average Cost Table

This table shows you the average cost for ordering a mosaic design service.


  Name   Max Size   Usage   Average Price
(based on 500 photos project)
 Turn around time  Memo
Mini (less than A5) 5.8×8.3inches
Postcard, Namecard  200$ 5 days  High Resolution Print Device Required. *1
Small (A5 to A3) 16.5×11.7inches
Calander, Magazine,
Book and Album Cover Design
 100$ 5 days  no comment.
Medium (A3 to A1) 24×36 Inches
Year Book,
Small Poster
 150$ 5 days  Popular project.
Large 36x48inches Standard Poster, Ads.
Home/Office Decor
 200$ 5 days  Popular project.
XLarge No Limit!
Please contact us.
Mural, Billboard,
Trade Show, Event
 1000 to 5000$ **2 2-3 days per cycle. ***3
9-15 days total.
 Mostly Commercial projects.
World Record Over 25000 Sqr feet YOU KNOW!  20,000$ 15-30 days

*1 Mini size mosaic is a challenge project, only experienced artist can create a fine mosaic in such limited canvas size.
If you do not have a high resolution print device, the final mosaic will looks really bad. Basically, if your print device cost less than 5,000$, It won’t work for such project!

**2 Just an reference, the price vary with different projects. Please contact us for more details, we will give you a reasonable price.

***3 a complete cycle:  Design the mosaic-show preview to customer-collect feedback from customer. In most case it need 3 cycle to finish a mosaic.
If customer wish to change the mosaic size, add additional elements to the main image, or add new photos to the photo collection, it need additional cycle.

We know turn around time is important to customers, For a mosaic project, we usually create multiply preview in different ways.
So each cycle you will see more options, in this way we arrives the final goal much faster.