Our advantage

Our advantage

Our advantage:

Good balance of cell image size.
It is a fact in the mosaic industry that the smaller you make the cells (the pictures, tiles, caps, whatever that make up the mosaic), the easier it is to re-create the source image. However, Small pictures are difficult to see with naked eye, and small tiles are hard to pick up or assemble. Our software and designer allow us to find out the best range of cell size for your project.

Minimal Cell colorization and blending.
Cell colorization is when colors from the source image are faded into the each cell in an effort to achieve a certain overall color. Most other mosaic software or designer will use a high adjust level, which will give you a good look of the whole mosaic, but the cell images are changed alot.
Many mosaic companies and third party software will blend the source image on top of the cells. Although this is hard to spot at first from a distance, is becomes very apparent when viewing the mosaic up close.
To solve these issues, we need 3 points: 1. collect as many photos as possible. 2. develop an appropriate algorithm. 3. experienced designer.

Advanced algorithm and Expert manually operation.
As a software devloper and tech provider, we know experience is as important as an advance software. so for customer who dont want use many days to manage the software, choose our custom design service is your best chooice.

Repeatation control and range check.
Our algorithm ensure all your photos will be used. and make sure some photos will not be used to much. Take a look at other designer’s product, you may find they use some photo tooooo many times. especially customer did not provide many photos as the cell image.

Highest resolution output equipment.
Since mosaics contain many small pictures and these pictures contain important details, it is important that all possible details be retained. For this reason we render and print all of our mosaic at 2880+ dpi using professional large format photo printing equipments.

Strong tech support.
We can do everything.