Make your photo a MOSAIC


Here we offer:

1. Software. Photo Mosaic Maker can help you design custom photomosaic.

It is suitable for most personal usage, small art design and small commercial projects.
Our software allows you to load 2000-10000photos to use, and the final mosaic can hold 10000-40000 small photo tiles.
It can be used for postcard, magazine, poster, and murals.

1. Design Service and Project Consultation

If you are looking for a professional design, especially large and hard project that most commercial/free software cannot satisfy your requirement, Ask me.
Normally, a mosaic over 50,000 photo Cells will be considered as a large project.
There are no limit how large it can be. If you chasing for a Guinness World Records, the only problem for you is to find a place to place the mosaic. hummmm, I think the record reachs the size of 2,000 square meters around 2018.